Miscellaneous Accessories

Scaff Foam/Window Tac

Protect the public from your poles - our 2m lengths of either red, white or yellow foam, can simply slip over your poles before erection or can be clipped on with cable ties.

Another product we stock which is useful in protecting the public are our rolls of window tac, used mainly during demolition to prevent glass shattering.


Think yellow!
Think end caps/fitting caps and tredda type base plates - always in stock at competitive prices.


Think red/white!
Think sleeving /adhesive tape/non-adhesive tape and scaffold signs.


Together with the main products listed above we keep lots of ancillaries such as ladder ties, cable ties, anchor/strap sets, bungee ties, fitting sacks, drums of release oil, rolls of polythene for between scaffold boards etc, rope and tarpaulins.

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